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Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship Between Social Capital Variables and Predictors of OECD Country Risk Rating

Francisco Rabadán, Mª Victoria Ramírez-Muñoz y Sergio A. Berumen


In this paper, we relate the Social Capital (SC) factors identified in the study Dimensiones del Capital Social: Análisis de Componentes Principales Sobre la Encuesta Mundial de Valores WVS (Ramírez-Muñoz et al., 2023) with a set of predictor variables of Country Risk (CR). Therefore, our study concerning economic theory is hybrid. For CS, risk is associated with the concept of confidence. Our study analyzes data from 40 countries between 2017 and 2022, which do not include high-income countries (GNI per capita according to the WB). The selection of this sample is limited by the availability of information, which is the intersection of simultaneously available information on SC and CR variables. The exploratory research based on the bootstrap correlation matrix confirms much of the existing literature. It raises new horizons for scientific discussion and relevant aspects for Economic Policy agents.

Keywords: Social Capital, Country Risk, Development Economy, Multivariate Analysis, CR_OECD.